Do Not Take The Black Pill

Dear Reader

Today, I watched YouTube videos on incels. I was reminded how relatable the bitter foundation of inceldom is.

Morpheus – Ashok

The Red Pill is Universal

When it comes to dating and relationships, every man and woman chews on the red pill sometimes. I often feel cursed that I am only 5’6″ and stumpy. I know these attributes make me less attractive than other men.

At university, I was a self-contented, talkative, awkward nerd. Although my fellow students were kind to me, I was not truly part of any friend groups. However, I had a healthy habit of striking up conversations and sometimes the subject was dating. Maybe because I was not in a friend-group, people confided in me as they knew I would listen to them without judgement. They all mentioned frustrations regarding their love-life. They would gossip about people they were jealous of and complain about their own shortcomings.

I have experienced redpilled conversations at work too. For instance, a former work colleague told me she stopped using Facebook because she hated seeing her friends dating handsome guys and living active, interesting lives. While she was overweight and struggling to find a suitable partner.

The Downward Trajectory

Unfortunately, there is a small section of people who are overly tormented and angry because they cannot get what they want in the sex/dating department. They will begin to read and share theories that promote the idea that less attractive people are inferior and therefore considered worthless in modern society. These theories are fatalistic and troubling. The rhetoric is aggressive and dogmatic. Once they are desensitised to this content, they become incels.

Make A Choice

For those of my readers who are having issues with their love-life, you must make a choice on how to deal with the unfair realities of dating. So let me, Morpheus-Ashok, ask you an important question:

*** “The Black Pill or the White Pill?” ***

Black Pill

If you choose this pill, it will lead you mentally to a place you may never return from. You will start expressing hatred to the opposite sex and being aggressive towards the people you are jealous of. You will become less and less attractive as you give up on trying to better yourself and you will forget who you really are.

White Pill

If you choose this pill, you will follow the responsible way. You will be grateful for what you have and accepting of yourself. You will understand that although you may not be as attractive as some, you have great qualities that shine through. Eventually, your positive disposition will win hearts over.


Being blackpilled, slashes your chances of being happy. Your nihilistic view on dating seeps into your friendships and your career. If you are whitepilled, your chances of finding “the one” in the future are high. Your calm acceptance of reality makes you more resilient in all aspects of life.

Stay positive and you will get your slice of the pie.

By MentalAshok

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